Some ICT field trials will be held during 76th IETF to improve hospitality of Hiroshima.

Digital signage in streetcars and downtown

Timely information on tourism and local news will be displayed on digital signage monitors in streetcars and in downtown of Hiroshima City. The digital signage system use wireless broadband networks such as HSDPA, WiMAX, XGP and Wifi. Also, IC smart cards will be used with this digital signage system for a special service in Hiroshima tourism. Two field trials during the 76th IETF in Hiroshima as the following are by the research project*1 of Hiroshima City University and Hiroshima University. The purpose of the trials is to evaluate our developed system using wireless broadband networks and to help IETF participants in staying in Hiroshima.

Project Web site

Digital signage in streetcars

You can find our digital signage monitors using wireless broadband networks in some streetcars as the below figure. Tourism information and timely contents such as weather forecast and the latest local news are shown.

We welcome your feedback to improve our system. Please access to the questionnaire survey page.

The Survey for a Digital Signage Experiment in Hiroshima

Virtual coupon system with a digital signage
Using our trial of the digital signage in shopping districts, any FeliCa *2 card can be used as a medium for a coupon to get a special service at following restaurants. Location of this trial is at Rest House in Peace Memorial Park or in front of Parco shopping store in Hondori (shopping street). All interested foreigners are welcomed to try this experiment.

The Survey for a Digital Signage with IC Card Experiment

Location of streetcars and signage monitors
This line is from Hiroshima station to Miyajima. The nearest station from the venue is Kamiyacho Nishi or Kamiyacho Higashi.

From Nov. 10 to 13, the time table of one streetcar is fixed.

Also, you can confirm the current location of street cars is shown here.

*1 This project is supported by Ministry of International Affairs and Communications.
*2 FeliCa is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

This digital signage system is being developed by Hiroshima City University and Hiroshima University in cooperation with Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau, HIROSHIMA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD., The Chugoku Shimbun, RCC BROADCASTING CO.,LTD. WILLCOM Inc., Keio Univ., and e-side CO., LTD.

The detail is in the project Web
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E-bluesheet (Conference Support System using ICT)

Instead of usual bluesheets in sessions, an E-bluesheet system will be used as a practical experiment. All participants have RFID cards as name tags. Passing tag-readers during each session, the session participants ID is uploaded and the current participants list and participants analysis can be shown in Web site and the digital signage monitor at a venue. Also, social participants have IC smart cards which can be used as local bus & streetcars tickets. These two cards can be used as the privilege of tourism in Hiroshima. This system is being developed by Hielecon, Inc., Hiroshima City Univ., Hiroshima Univ., Keio Univ., and Powerplay,Inc. supported by Ministry of Internal affairs and Communicationsin, in cooperation with Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Hiroshima Bus Association.

Interpreter Service using a Mobile Phone Network

There are some interpreter services desks available in Hiroshima City. If you visit a shop without any English speaker and have any trouble, you can call to the system center using a mobile phone at the service point. An available interpreter is searched automatically from the all entries of the system. You and a shop clerk can communicate through the interpreter over the mobile phone network. This system will be held by Hiroshima City and some companies.

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